Annual Backpack Giving 

The Lend A Hand Foundation (LAHF) provided over 6,900 backpacks to impoverished youth. Eligible students are primarily enrolled in the Free and Reduced Lunch Program (FRLP). LAHF's yearly goal is to make sure at least 5,000 students are served.  As of August 2018, the organization has provided over 85,000 backpacks filled with supplies.  Of course none of this could happen without the support of its partners.


Did you know that in Oakland alone, there are over 35,000 students that are enrolled in the FRLP?


LAHF works closely with many corporations and businesses which provides support to many students and families.  The Annual Backpack Giving Assembly is typically held the Saturday before school starts.  Some of the sponsors come out to help with the assembly and delivery to the schools. In some cases, there are sponsors attending the distributions.  This is truly a massive community effort.

The goal is to obtain as many “Adopt A School” sponsors, co-sponsors, and supporters as possible early on in the year so that at least 5,000 students can receive materials to be prepared to learn.   Reaching out early will ensure that the funds are in to order the necessary supplies to be in stock before school starts.    It is also necessary to obtain support early so that the schools that will be selected by the sponsors can be notified by April.  Sponsorship information is available within this site.

Generally, school sponsors are:  UPS, PG&E, Safeway, Kaiser, Oracle, Fenton’s Creamery, Hon. Keith Carson, Hon. Larry Reid, Hon. Nate Miley, Hon. Wilma Chan, Kazan McClain Partners’ Foundation, Southwest Airlines, and our very longtime supporter Give Something Back who has now retired its offices.  They will be truly missed.  Thanks Mike Hannigan and Sean Marx as well as their staff for always being available to us making to make it all happen.  Best Wishes!


Our youth deserve to have the tools needed to be equipped for every new school year.  Students who aren’t given the necessary school supplies (such as a binder, pencils, plenty of paper, and a backpack to carry them in) can become frustrated and have a difficult time in class. Readily available school supplies let students and teachers focus on what’s really important: learning.  Again, there are approximately 35,000 plus low income youth in Oakland alone who are in dire need of support.


Even though the Annual Back to School Give away is our signature event, we also provide   a means to obtain additional basic needs such as a bus pass, nutritional snacks, clothing, toiletries, shoes, mentoring and tutoring resources, and other items that can help youth stay in school.  We also offer life skills workshops to help guide and empower youth.


  1. Adopt a School: you can choose to adopt a school providing the necessary supplies through a campaign within your company.  It would be your option to choose a school, and/or at your convenience hold a back to school collection drive.  And you are invited to engage in the process before and during the actual day of the giveaway.

  2. Partner for particular needed supplies: if you cannot adopt a whole school, consider a partial adoption or even smaller.  Collect designated school supplies (such as 200 binders, 200 packages of filler paper, and 200 boxes of pens/pencils) through donations or monetary support.

  3. Monetary Support:  the funds obtained are used to purchase the supplies to fulfill as many needs as possible.  Through bulk buying, your money goes further to get needed backpacks, paper, pens and other items.

20th Annual Holiday Celebration



This year's event will be held on December 21st providing over 200 children, 50 teens, and families with a joyous holiday celebration...with YOUR HELP!

Imagine a room with large round tables covered with decorative table cloths, a stage covered with bags of gifts, a delicious buffet lunch, entertainment, a lot of love, and Santa Claus.  This and more will take place because of YOU!


We still need help to make this successful.  Our

current supporters are:  Kazan McClain Partners' Foundation,  The Iron Souls, Ernst and Young, and Family Giving Tree.   We are hoping to get supporters to purchase coats, pajamas, and other warm items  for children 1 to 11.    THANK YOU!

Stay in School Program – Ongoin​g


  • Annual Backpack Giving

  • Barrier Elimination Project

  • Life Enrichment/Leadership Development

  • Scholarship Fund



The SIS Program offers incentives to students to stay in school, improve their attendance, grades, and participation, graduate, and contribute to the community. The program is designed to help build self-esteem and confidence by learning how to make good and healthy life choices.


The structure of the SIS Program includes helping to eliminate barriers that keep students from getting to school, participating in, and achieving their goals to become amazing achievers.   LAHF offers programs and services that will empower youth to stay in school including our Life Enrichment, Leadership Development, and Teen Cotillion.  LAHF also has a scholarship program, youth activities, and much more.   Youth engage in community giving project as well.   Stay In Schook Program Youth also provide valuable information to the Board of Directors how to better serve their needs so they can become successful.  

Here is a little history of the back school program and how many youth were served each year:  
  2017 - 10,000; 2016 - 11,000+; 2015 - 5,075; 2014 - 5,300+;   2013 - 4,500+; 2012 - 9,675;  2011 - 2010 – 10,025;   2009 – 4,300+; 2008 – 3,800; 2007 – 5,000+;   2006 – 3,200+; 2005 – 1,500; 2004 – 1,200;   2003 – 800; 2002 – 400; 2001 – 300;
  2,000 – 200; 1999 – 200

We have seen a disturbing trend: the truancy and drop-out rate among these students is extremely high. To help address this trend the LAHF launched a new program “Stay In School” (SIS) in June 2011.

Upcoming Projects

Stay tuned for our new and innovative thinkers coming on board soon to develop additional programs and services that will serve many children, youth, and families.


We are continuing to look for partners to help us to empower our youth to stay in school and become the best they can be. 


Donations are always welcome.  THANK YOU!



  • Volunteer prior to the event by doing inventory, marking boxes where supplies are to go; color code boxes. 

  • Volunteer on the day of the event by being in charge of your own school; possibly provide transportation or help with transporting the supplies to the school.

  • Possibly participating in helping to give out school supplies at the school you adopt, assist in scheduling a date and time that will work for all. 

Stuffing Events

Monetary Support

(see sponsorship levels)

Adopt a school (300 to 500 students)=$5,000 to $7,500 for backpacks, supplies and other expenses.  Backpacks (good quality) have increased from $7 to $10 for the large and $5 to $6 for the small; supplies are from $8 to $10 per backpack.

Giving Opportunities

Support the Stay in School Program

The Stay In School Program was designed to help eliminate as many barriers as possible that keep students from getting to and staying in school.  Barriers can make studying, participating, attending and more very difficult.  Our goal is to help wherever we can.  Barriers can be:

  • Clothing/Uniforms, Shoes,   special needs, nutritional snacks, transportation, tutoring and mentoring resources

  • Life Skills Workshops and other support are also offered


​Through the Stay In School Program,  LAHF is providing financial literacy and other workshops.  The financial literacy workshop will  teach youth about the importance of understanding basic financial concepts that will help them manage and plan their positive financial health.


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