Dear Lend A Hand, as I write this note my eyes are filled with tears of joy.  The support we have received these past 4 years has made a difference in our lives from having a very sad Christmas to having many gifts.  Being an 82 year old senior, grand/great mother on a fixed income and now the primary care person for 4 children (4, 8, 10 and 12 year olds), it has been extremely hard to make ends meet.  Before we connected with Lend A Hand, the cupboards were empty on many occasions, no warm coats, and definitely nothing to look forward to at the Christmas time.  Even though kids say they understand, it is hard to tell a child that you have nothing for them when all of the classmates, friends, talk about what they got.  Lend A Hand has filled my families greatest desires.  They asked and they received.  They could have only wished for if it were left up to the funds I receive.  Not only providing support to the 4 younger children, they helped my Grandson who was in high school and joined the their Stay In School Program.  He received a computer, mentor, tutoring, and personal items which all helped to build his self-esteem and encouraged him to study hard and move forward.  Today he is attending S.F. State University and doing well.  He still has the mentor that Lend A Hand provided to him.  What a blessing.  Because of the clothing, new coats, shoes, pajamas, help with my grandson, the love, and so much more, we have been able to see the light and stand up instead of looking down in depression.  

Forever grateful...

–Ms. L. Hill


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